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White Oki Gi for senior kids and adults too! size chart
A lightweight uniform suitable for all levels.
Student Handbook
Contains 68 pages of step by step moves of kata, history, belt requirements, kobudo & more. Previous edition sold out. Advanced Edition Includes Yakusoku Kumite Set 2! $25
SPARRING GEAR (optional for dragons, required for senior kids, teens and adults blue/blk belt and up)
See sparring package deal below...
Headgear with
removable faceshield
faceshield mandatory  for kids/teens
available in 5 colours

Hand Pads
available in 7 colours
Foot Pads
available in 7 colours $42.99
Speak with Sensei if you wish to order additional items from the catalogues in class.
Orders will be available in 1-2 weeks (custom club wear 3-4 weeks).
No charge for shipping when picked up in class. 
If you wish orders shipped directly to your home, shipping charges apply.
STUDENT HANDBOOKS (recommended to aid in practicing at home)
Place your order online and your items may be picked up in class  
For additional items see catalogues in dojo
Club Patch 
required by adult orange belt $15

Club Patch $15 req by dragons orange 

Association Patch
required by purple belt $15

Canadian Flag
required by blue belt $6

Small Dragon Patch
(optional) $6
Choose Size
Choose Colour:
Enter Shoe Size:
Fall 2017 CLUB SPIRIT WEAR - orders will arrive in November!
T-shirt orders will be taken in the spring!

Cylinder Belt Display
11 level or 7 level
see samples in dojo $49.99/$59.99

Budo Wall Belt Display
hardware incl. Solid wood with "Budo" (martial arts) kanji symbol $109.99
Choose Size
WITHOUT faceshield
ONLY adults may choose not to wear
face shield $44.99
Choose Colour:
Choose Size:
Mesh Sparring
Gear Bags
breathable for sparring gear. Choose drawstring style or bag with handles
see more bags below
Choose Style
Dragons Foam Chucks
Senior Chain Chucks
available in 3 colours   see cases below

Neon Wood Bo
& Hardwood Bo

Oak or fun neon
see cases below

Escrima Set
includes 2 rattan escrima and carry case


Spiral burned bamboo
$14.99 each
see cases below
(may be ordered at any time but required at specified belt colours)
Mouth Guard & Case
Boil in water to form fit to teeth - youth and adult sizes
Choose Size
Choose Level/Colour
Choose Colour
Open Cylinder
Belt Display

10 level or 6 level
Motivational Belt Display
hangs on wall,
hardware included 
Heavy Wt Advanced
Cotton Uniforms
Required before grading to Brown Belt
Holiday promotion incl
FREE blue sling bag while quantities last! 
Choose Colour & Style
Choose Size
The Oki Gi Designed
by Sensei Sandy
Better Fit, Better Quality, Same Price!
Choose Size


Under 3'6"


3'6" - 4'


4' - 4'4"


4'4" - 4'6"


4'7" - 4'9"


4'9" - 5'2"

Under 135 lbs


5'2" - 5'6"

Under 160 lbs


5'6" - 5'10"

Under 190 lbs


5'10" - 6'1"

Under 210 lbs


6'1" - 6'5"

Under 250 lbs
Oki Gi Sizing Chart
Keep your white one clean! Great for any class except gradings.
size chart
Choose Size
Clear Face Shield
for headgear

Certificate & Belt Display
Hangs on wall. Display most recent certificate & belt
Sparring Package
includes headgear with faceshield, hand pads, foot pads & mouth guard
Reg $179 for $149
Choose Headgear Colour
Head Circumference
Choose Hands/Feet Colour
Enter Shoe Size
orders due by November 30th
Choose Size
Nigel the Ninja Sling Bag
Nylon with drawstring. Great for carrying gi or gear $9.99
Choose Colour:
Choose Size/ Head Circumference:
Choose Colour:
Choose Size:
Training Tekko
Beautiful Hand made Canadian Maple!
size chart
Uniforms in Colour
Pink or black gi may be worn to any regular class (white required at gradings)
Karate Bookends
6" x 6"
wood construction
Karate Picture Frame
wood construction
Holds 4.5" x 3" photo
Karate Photo Album
12.5" x13.5"
Great as a photo album
or for scrapbooking!
Karate Belt Key Chain
Choose your colour!
Real karate belt material
Also fun for hanging on gear bag or knapsack
Youth Karate Open Finger Bag Gloves
Great for bag and pad work! Use in class/home
green $24.99

LED Wristband
Blue "EAT, SLEEP, KARATE" batteries incl
LED Wristband
Green "TRAIN FOR TOMORROW" batteries
incl $7.99
LED Wristband
Pink "I LOVE MARTIAL ARTS" batteries incl
Choose Colour
Choose Size
Adult Karate Open Finger Bag Gloves
Great for bag and pad work! Use in class/home
pink $31.99

Adult Karate Open Finger Bag Gloves
Great for bag and pad work! Use in class/home
blue $31.99

Choose Colour
Karate Critter Tree Ornaments
4" tall wood
Includes fox, bear, porcupine & moose
$12.99/set of 4
Karate Photo Frame Tree Ornament
5.75"x4.5" resin
Holds 3.5"x2.5" photo
Meaning of Karate Belt Display
belts fit in compartments 
Karate Barrel Bag
Great for gi or gear
21"x12" canvas
with handles & removable shoulder strap $36.99
Karate Bag with "Martial Arts" kanji
21"x12" canvas
with handles & removable shoulder strap $36.99
Karate Bag with Kicker graphic
21"x11" canvas
with handles & shoulder strap $29.99
Bo Case Softshell
Holds 1 or 2 bo
cloth liner & shoulder strap $34.99
Bo Case Hardshell
Holds 1 or 2 bo
cloth liner & shoulder strap $59.99
Chucks Case
Holds 1 pr
zips closed & cloth lined $19.99
Escrima Case
Holds 1 pr
zips closed & cloth lined $16.99
Paracord Rank Bracelet belt graphic clasp, braided parachute cord $7.49
Choose your colour!
Choose Colour
Tied Karate Belt Key Chain
Choose your colour, match your belt! Hang on knapsack or gearbag $5.99
Choose Colour
Gift Certificates
let the student choose their own gift!  Can
use for any club merchandise from catalogues in class or stock in dojo or our online store! 
Choose Amount